100 Proof Gong Hanger

100 Proof Gong Hanger


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The new Viking 100 Proof Gong Hangers are your answer to broken chains on Your gong target setup.

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You get 4 of our gong hangers and all the necessary hardware in the box. We experimented with different materials and various thicknesses, etc. to provide super long life hangers.

  • 4 (Four) – 16″ long Viking 100 Proof Gong Hangers and necessary hardware in each box
  • 2-year warranty with proper installation (hangers mounted on backside of gongs and gong support)
  • Tested with various calibers and distances – material is self-healing
  • Simple replacement of chains usually takes less than 10 minutes/set
  • You still get the audible on gong strike – minimizes and/or eliminates gong “flip over”
  • Incredibly durable
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